Bloc Gallery seeks student proposals. Submissions due 4/28/17 

Mission Statement

The mission of Bloc Gallery is to serve communities of the School of Art and Design and the wider university by:

·         Fostering interdisciplinary collaboration within the School of Art and Design.

·         Presenting a platform to collaborate with other schools in the university.

·         Encouraging experimental methods of making.

·         Creating opportunities for students to investigate their practice outside of the classroom.

·         Showcasing the talents of Art and Design students.

·         Providing professional development opportunities for student members of the gallery committee.

·         Bridging the gap between undergraduate and graduate students.

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals are sought from graduate and undergraduate students across the university. Themed shows, group shows, and collaborations are encouraged, though proposals for solo shows will receive consideration. Exhibition proposals must include a detailed statement of intent for the exhibition, 3-5 representative work samples, and a list of works submitted. The gallery is located on the first floor of the School of Art and Design. It is 23 feet wide by 26 feet long, and the ceiling height is 10’ 7” high. Three walls are available for hanging work, and the space can accommodate sculpture, performance, projection, and more.

Statement of Intent

The statement should communicate a clear vision for your exhibition and its concept. Include the title of the exhibition, theme, description, the names of participants, and requirements for installation. Include your phone and email contact information. For group shows, one participant should be designated as contact person. Please address the work of each participant in the statement.

Work Samples

Include 3-5 samples of work which are representative of the work you intend to present in the gallery. Images, videos, and other time-based works are accepted. Images should be saved as jpegs, 2000 pixels in the longest dimension, 72 dpi. Name each file using your last name, first name, and number (lastname­_firstname_1.jpg, lastname_firstname_2.jpg, etc).

Videos and time-based work may be submitted via a streamable link. Include this link and any necessary password in your image list. A Vimeo account is free and easy to set up for the purpose of uploading and sharing your work. Information on file specifications can be found at For help encoding your file, visit:

List of Works Submitted

Samples of work must be accompanied by an image list, in PDF format, that corresponds to your file names and provides detailed information about each work. Include title, artist’s name, media, dimensions, and year created for each work.

Uploading Your Proposal

Exhibition proposals will only be accepted digitally–no hard copies. To submit, upload all requested files to a Google drive folder labeled with your first and last name. Double-check that all materials are in the folder, then share it with the Bloc Gallery Exhibitions Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All proposals will be reviewed by the committee following the April 28, 2017 deadline. Proposers will be notified promptly of the status of their application, and of the dates of their scheduled exhibition. Exhibitions are two weeks long, including installation and de-installation.

Expectations of Exhibitors

Exhibitors who have had a proposal accepted are required to secure the sponsorship of a faculty member. The committee must receive this endorsement by email before the exhibition is installed. Exhibitors are responsible for the installation of their show on Sunday prior to the first week of the scheduled exhibition, as well as de-installation no later than the end of Saturday of the second week. Exhibitors must also make any repairs necessary to restore the gallery to its original state. Supplies are stored in the gallery closet in the Link, and must be accessed during the Link’s open hours. Members of the committee will advise on installation/de-installation as needed. Any equipment needs such as a projector, computer, or sound equipment are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Exhibitors must provide the committee with the title of the exhibition and one representative image no less than two weeks before the opening. Include the title of the image, artist’s name, media, and dimensions. The committee will assist with publicizing each exhibition.


Please direct any questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..